1960's (early) Guang Yun Gong Puerh Tea


These early 60's Guang Yun Gong pu'er tea cakes display exceptional storage. The leaves are clean and vibrant, displaying just a very slight touch of frosting in places.

The early 60's GuangYunGong cakes are the pinnacle of the Guang Yun Gong series in my opinion. Using 100% Yunnan maocha, very little (if any) of the process used to 'pre-ferment' the later cakes, and well aged, they display a powerful qi and excellent taste. They differ quite markedly in my opinion from the later 60's and 70's productions.

The price of Guang Yun Gong in the market is much less than other bings of the same era since the taste is not as complex or thick and hence not so highly sought after by collectors. From my point of view, this leaves an excellent opening for those who wish to enjoy the qi of these old teas without being overly motivated by complex flavour profiles. All this aside, this is a lovely tea to drink.

1960's (early) Guang Yun Gong Puerh Tea

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worth it

Review by futurebird
As a beginning tea drinker my goal is to explore. I thought it was important to try some very high quality teas early on so that I would know what was possible.

I started the first infusion late last night and it is even better today! The liquor in the small tasting cup is from the 5th infusion. I think I'll get two or three more . The first infusion (after a brief rinse) was quite dark and a just a *little* bitter. It had a strange tickle/tingle feeling to it that started in the back of my that the spread through my body. It was very pleasant and warming.

The smell is quit old but not at all overwhelming. It has that "library" smell but it's only one aspect of the tea, it's also slightly sweet. It's very smooth with no bitterness after the first infusion.

Will I buy it all the time? No. It's too expensive! Will I buy it again? Yes. It was worth it. This is what I imagined a "special" tea should be like.

It has not changed much over the infusions. Just faded a bit, as expected. Except for that initial bitterness which went away right away. The "tingle" is still present, though. I love it.


(Posted on 24/02/2013)

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